Our process neatly divides into Insight and Delivery



Gathering our insight to help identify the most exciting growth areas



Our proprietary tool for agreeing strategic priorities



Supporting you in delivering the potential


Traditional private equity due diligence is backward looking, tiresome and nit picking. We’ve designed Ignite Discovery to be forward looking and insightful. We take time to understand your business and think about how the business can evolve over the next 5 years. We then plot our findings onto our proprietary tool, the Ignite Playbook.


Having borrowed your time and learnt all about your business, we use the Ignite Playbook to present back to you. The Playbook summarises our thoughts on the business and is a great tool to agree the strategic priorities. The Playbook helps pinpoint not just how much resource is required but most importantly where and when it will be best deployed and how we can support you.


This is where we roll up our sleeves and support you in putting into place the actions we agreed during the Insight phase. We’ll agree very clear deliverables with the Development Team and they will work alongside you and your team to put the plans into action. The Development team are not there to operate the business but to supplement and assist.

can we support you in delivering your potential?

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